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Costume Hire

Are you putting on a show? You need some costumes but don't want the cost of buying? why don't you just borrow? 

We have a huge range of costumes & props so if it's not listed just give us a call.... All our costume hire is charged at a very reasonable price, also a returnable deposit of £20 is required. 

Call us 01277 210080

White Character skirts - adjustable sizes 12-14 Years 


Gold Waistcoats - 7-12 Years (matching top hats available)

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Oompa Loompah Costumes complete with wigs 5-7 Years 

Indian Costume sets with Headbands 4-7 Years

Blue Leotards 

Blue Lyrical skirts with finger attached wings  

Red Velvet ( Marching Band Style ) Jackets 12-16 Years 

Irish Kilts with back sash 9-16 Years 

Purple IDS sequin skirts 3-5 Years 

White Long lyrical dresses 13-16 Years 

Burgundy Tu-Tu's 6-10 Years

Red IDS Sequin Skirts 5 Years

Red Sequin Pinifore Skirts 5-7 Years 

Sailor Outfits With Hats  8-13 Years 

Spanish Dresses 6 Years 

White colour spotty Jazz Skirts 4-8 Years 

Red off the shoulder 'Babe' Jazz tops 10-13 Years 

Rag Doll Costumes 4-6 Years 

Variety of coloured Charleston Flapper Dresses 

Black Vest tops ( selection ) 

Pink sequin dresses 6-8 Years 

Red & White Tarten skirts with matching neck ties (Cowgirl style) 

Satin Harreem Pants 

Red & Black TuTu ( Dance solo piece ) 

Gold Show Girl 2 peice sequin set 13-15 Years 

Traditional Scottish kilts for Hire & SALE Adult size set of 15 

Props, Wigs & Hats 

Hair Bands with feather (charleston girl style) 

Gold Pom Poms 

Pink Pom Poms 

White We Will Rock You GaGa Girl wigs 

Gold Top Hats 

Set of Canes (Tap Dance) 

Set of Chimney Sweeps (Mary Poppins Style) 

Green Oompa Loompa Wigs ( Charlie & the chocolate factory ) 

Red White & Blue Bowler Hats 

We have lots more! Feel free to come and check them out before you hire! 

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